The Performer, The Performance

Ray Guillemette Jr. is one of today's leading, premier, Elvis Tribute Artists. Let this 9-time, International 1st place Elvis Presley Impersonator rock your world or event with his striking look, outstanding vocal range and unabashed excitement. Ray delivers with the style and energy that was Elvis.

"This kid is one dynamite act! Few come along like this!"
- Ed (Doc) Franklin, producer of "Images of Elvis, Memphis, TN

"I have found Ray's performance to be most entertaining and his presentation is done with style, as well as in good taste. I am hard to please and I invite only the best!"
- Marion Cocke, Producer/director, Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner Charity Event, Memphis, TN

When Elvis Aaron Presley died on August 16th, 1977, Ray was just 8 years old...but he was already familiar with the words and the music of "the king of rock 'n roll". This music would be the only music the young boy would listen to until he was 12 years old. Even at that age, Ray understood that it was more than the music that made Elvis, "ELVIS!" It was the underlying desire, he (Elvis) had to make people, to make his fans feel special..., to entertain their troubles away..., to reach beyond the stage!

"That realization" laid the foundation for what was to come! Ray wasn't easily swayed into the entertainment world, particularly as an Elvis impersonator. Having seen a few (impersonators) as a young boy, since Ray had never seen Elvis perform "live," left him uninspired and empty.

And then there was the media's relentless belittling of Elvis and his public persona! Ray just didn't want to be a part of what seemed like a circus. the early 90's after finding some local success as "Elvis" with a Boston agency, Ray, on a whim, went to Memphis after being told about the world's largest international Elvis impersonators contest. In 1993, five days later, he left Memphis with his first major award:
1st place in "The Images of Elvis" contest. This was the incentive and fuel that he needed! Perhaps Ray could change the perspective of what the general public thought of when it came to Elvis impersonators, most importantly, Elvis!

Coming home, Ray embarked upon a crusade to do just that! After returning home from Memphis, he needed a title for his award winning presentation. What would it be? He didn't want to change his name, as so many of his peers had done, and the title had to be positive.
"A-Ray of Elvis" was born!

Throughout the 1990's Ray continued to develop his tribute presentation with the movements, mannerisms, and nuances typical of Elvis. The last 16 years has brought Ray
eight more 1st place awards throughout North America, and earned him the respect of both his peers and the professionals that worked and played with Elvis.

Ray's objective was and continues to be met.

Feel the energy...
Rekindle the memories...
Experience the magic!...

Ray has performed in Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States with great acclaim. During this period of time, he has performed with the Jordanaires, D.J. Fontana, Scotty Moore, The Sweet Inspirations and J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet. These performers and others associated with Elvis, have given Ray a greater insight to the "real" Elvis.

Whether it's prerecorded musical tracks or "live" with his exclusive band, "The Memphis Jam," Ray eases into the Elvis persona with a style that creates both a lasting tribute to "the king" and reveals a dynamic stage presence of his own!

The "A-Ray of Elvis" showcase can be tailored to any event, including but not limited to:

* "Live" stage concert productions
* corporate / themed events
* promotional campaigns/grand openings
* fairs and festivals
* benefits and fundraisers